NATIONAL GIRLFRIENDS DAY – According to Webster Dictionary, a girlfriend is a female friend.

I would define a girlfriend as more than just a female friend. A girlfriend is someone who understands your sense of humor. She tells you the truth about herself and respects your truth.  If you don’t see each other for six months, a true girlfriend would never bring guilt into the equation.

I don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends. They keep me sane and have been there for me in really tough times. Fun gatherings for coffee, wine or dinner are perks but my real girlfriends are the ones who have sat with me in the hard times, dropping everything for each and every funeral, phoning just to ask “how are you today”, bringing me a much needed glass of wine while I melt down on my front porch. They don’t  try to fix me. They are there when I need them.

Not surprisingly, I would miss the hugs from my girlfriend of 48 yeas. She is cheerful, matter-of-fact and laughs loud. She is one of the smartest and most loyal people I know.

Vacationing with one of my favourite women in the whole world is the absolute best! She and I are two peas in a pod and we laugh, swear, finish each other’s sentences and share companionable silences (and Smarties … lots of Smarties).

If I didn’t have girlfriends, I would miss the biweekly Thursday night phone call with my longtime bestie  in Pembroke.  She and I have spent many weeks together.  Unfortunately, one week was for radiation road trips, but the rest are fun cottage getaways.

Planned marathon phone calls known as The Debrief would be greatly missed if I couldn’t talk to another dear girlfriend.  She makes me laugh and we always hang up having decided which sayings we would put on t-shirts.  My favourite to-date quote of hers is “I don’t need friends.  I need a debate team.”. Still makes me laugh.

Incredibly, I had the honour of driving a newer girlfriend to and from hospital appointments before and after her double lung transplant.  It doesn’t sound pleasant but we changed that rule and created our own form of silly fun.

There are many more girlfriends with whom I have shared phenomenal moments.  To quote Tolkien, my girlfriends “fill up my corners”.  Here’s to girlfriends!  You can never have enough!

Happy Girlfriends Day!!!




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