National Speak In Full Sentences Day celebrates the non-use of acronyms and shortcuts. Tell people you will be right back as soon as possible.

MAY 31st – TODAY IS:

NATIONAL SPEAK IN SENTENCES DAY – Acronyms have become a firmly entrenched part of human speech. How many times have I heard someone say “brb”?  For those of you living under a rock, it means be right back. Is it really so much more work saying the words “be right back” that we have now have a way to conserve energy by shortening it to first letters only?

What would it be like if, for one day, we spoke in complete sentences?  When I text, I write full sentences including the period.  According to my kids, this means I am mad. In my world, it means I am using proper grammar.  Clearly, I am old school.

Places of work can be the worst for using acronyms.  Before I retired from SiS, I was a TL.  My husband is an FLM at OPG where part of his job is to be a HOR and deal with SPCs and APP As.   We all have our special languages it seems.

Count how many times you have used shortcuts in one day and have fun with speaking or texting the full words today!




National There's A Hole In My Bucket Day celebrates the nusery rhyme about Henry and Liza's bucket woes

MAY 30th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL THERE’S A HOLE IN MY BUCKET DAY – When I read the title of one of today’s celebrations, I immediately began singing the song to myself which proves we do keep a memory of everything we’ve ever heard deeply hidden somewhere in our brains.

I haven’t heard the nursery rhyme “There’s A Hole In My Bucket, Dear Liza” in years … for good reason.  The song goes on FOREVER!  It tells the story of Henry who, while gathering water, realizes that there is a hole in his bucket and asks Liza what he should do.

It continues on for hours (ok, that is a slight exaggeration) with Henry basically finding fault with everything that Liza suggests.

Mend it … how? With a straw … straw is too long.  Cut the straw … how? With an axe … axe is too dull.  Sharpen it … how? With a stone …. stone is too dry.  Wet it … how? With water … how to carry?  In a bucket (duh).

The whole song could basically start over again at the point which would probably lead me to stabbing myself in the eye with a pencil.

Clearly, I should have picked “National Water A Flower Day”.




NATIONAL PAPERCLIP DAY – Who ever designed the paperclip was a gadget genius.  Think about all the uses for paperclips: holding papers together (obviously), replace a broken zipper pull, unclog a single serve coffee maker (I do this one weekly as my Keurig constantly clogs), temporarily holding up a hem,  and many more!

Here’s a FUN FACT:  During WWII, paperclips were worn by Norwegians as a symbol of sticking together.  When the Nazis learned of their significance, these little gems were banned on clothing.

Celebrate this most useful yet simple office supply today!




National Hambruger Day is easily celebrated as nearly every casual dining restaurant in North America serves hamburgers. Literally any combination of toppings is possible.

MAY 28th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL HAMBURGER DAY – I have often wondered if the hamburger is one of the most often served food items in North America. Think about it … other than pizza, nearly every fast food chain serves hamburgers. Nearly every casual dining restaurant serves these seasoned beef sandwiches. Having a BBQ? Hamburgers are the star attraction! Kids love hamburgers! Teens love hamburgers! Even adults love hamburgers!

One of the most interesting hamburger joints here in southern Ontario is called The Works. There are over a dozen of these eateries featuring the wackiest hamburger menu I’ve ever seen.

You can choose from beef, chicken, or turkey patties. Not a meat eater? Go for the veggie patty or portobello mushrooms. If you want to be more adventurous, you could order the crispy chicken, cheese stuffed beef or domestic elk patties.

I don’t know how many burger topping choices they have on the menu but it seems to be at least a hundred. They are so passionate at The Works about their crazy combinations that they will shame you if you go for the standard condiment choices.

Here are some examples:

Hunka Hunka – Peanut butter, banana slices and bacon

Nacho Libre – Crunchy tr-coloured corn tortillas with 4 shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa and green onions

Sk8R Boy – Peanut Butter, jack cheese and bacon

The Trudeau Burger – red peppers and pouting

If you live near The Works, head there today for some serious National Hamburger Day celebrations. If not, try your own wacky combinations right at home!

Check out the Works website:



Cellophane tape should be celebrated for getting us out of many unsticky situations. We can use it for and endless amount of projects.

MAY 25th | NATIONAL CELLOPHANE TAPE DAY – I know, you are thinking “there has to be a better celebration for today”. When I saw my choices I was disappointed as nothing seemed fun, delicious or glamorous. Cellophane tape is about as mundane as anything I can think of but then again, is it?

We use transparent tape to close those sticky envelopes that have lost their stick, glasses that have come unhinged, hold pictures in place on the mat of a frame, wrap around rings that are too big for our fingers, and last but not least … we use tape when wrapping presents.

Here are some other everyday uses of cellophane tape:

– Slide a strip between the keys of your keyboard to pick up all the snacking shrapnel
Wrap a few times around fingers to use as an impromptu lint roller
Temporary hem for pants
Repair the ends of shoelaces when that little plastic thingy falls off
Pick up broken glass
Mask your eyelid for the perfectly lined cat eye
Cover magnetic strip on credit card as a temporary fix if you’ve over-swiped (or just stop shopping)

I have convinced myself that we should definitely celebrate cellophane tape. Think of the panic we feel when we realize while wrapping a beautiful gift that you are out of clear tape. Forced to use masking tape, embarrassment sets in while you berate yourself for not keeping this loyal staple on hand. Check your supplies … buy more. You will always need it.


National Don't Fry Day is actually about taking care of your skin in the summer suN. Use sunblock and wear protective clothing. Not just today but everyday that you are in the sun.

MAY 26th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL DON’T FRY DAY – Tragically, I almost skipped over Don’t Fry Day thinking that it meant don’t fry food. I can’t imagine jumping on the Low Fat Band Wagon. Be serious!  I like fat in my food as it just tastes better that way. It’s not like I fry food everyday but an occasional plate of deep fried onion strings or breaded shrimp are just devine.

This day actually promotes the use of SPF. Now you’ve noticed that its not as exciting as starting a debate about whether to eat fat or not to eat fat.

Fortunately, sunburns are a hot topic as we know the prevalence of skin cancer. Gone are the baby-oiled sunbathing days. Gone are the bare skin scorched by a reflective mirror. Gone are days when we send the kids out of the house for the day to play outside.

As summer approaches in the Northern Hemishpere, now is the time to stock up on sun blocks, bathing suit covers, protective clothing, and wide rimmed hats. Keep those sunburns at bay and protect your body.  Your skin will thank you.




National WIne Day is finally here! And it seems like there has never more different types, fancy labels and creative names. Pick your favourite or try a new variety today!

MAY 25th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL WINE DAY – FINALLY!!! I have been practicing all year for this day! I’ve been working up to it by visiting the LCBO, studying the fancy old and new labels, testing my pouring skills and, of course, taste-testing many different varieties of this lovely fermented beverage.  It has all led to today … Wine Day!!!

Wine is delicious.  I enjoy both red and white wine but do find that organic white is kinder to my body.  Age-related night sweats are less frequent with organic wine due to decreased sulfite levels.

One of my dearest friends lives a four hour drive from me.  We typically chat on Thursday evenings and usually begin the conversation with the question “Do you have your glass of wine ready?”  If the answer is no, then the lovely sound of wine being poured into a glass ensues.  As the chat continues, I always enjoy the distinctive clink of her glass when I hear her put it down on the table.

Celebrate wine today by enjoying an old favourite or trying a new variety.



Random Acts of Creativity celebrates National Escargot Day! Here's to snails! What I actually mean is here's to the buttery garlic sauce in which the escargot swim. Chunk of bread and garlic butter? Snails forgotten. Yummmmmmm!!!


NATIONAL ESCARGOT DAY – My first experience with escargot was when I was an adolescent.  Eating out was a rare event  for my family.  Very occasionally we would go to a local casual restaurant called the Bo Peep.  Apparently, I always wanted to order a peanut butter and jam sandwich so my parents never saw the point in taking me out.

For special occasions, we would sometimes go to the Ali Baba restaurant.  It featured prime rib and seafood and offered a salad bar which was pretty exciting back then.  My mom would have a rare cocktail, usuallly a Singapore Sling, my dad would have a beer, and my brother would order escargot.

Of course, as the little sister, I needed to model him so I would order it as well.  The iconic escargot dish would be filled with six snails and oodles of garlic butter.  A basket of bread would aid in sopping up all the tasty sauce.  Delicious!

Many years later, however,  I realized that I didn’t really love the escargot.  I tried it prepared in other ways and I just didn’t connect with the little appetizers.  It was the garlic butter that I loved best. Sorry snails, but you’ve been bested by a sauce.



MAY 23rd | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL LUCKY PENNY DAY – I am not overly superstitious but I did consider pennies lucky … back when we had pennies.  I would see a penny, recite the lucky penny poem in my head, and pocket the penny.  I had a friend once who would strategically place the penny so that another person would find it and have good luck.

Canada began phasing out the one cent coin in 2012.  At cash registers, the math rules of rounding have become the norm.    With the advent of debit transactions and increased use of credit cards, I have not missed the penny at all.  In fact, my wallet is lighter without all of the copper-coloured coins.

If you can, find a penny today and have good luck all day long.






NATIONAL BUY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DAY – Musical instruments are among my favourites belongings. And let me tell you, I own a lot of musical instruments: two pianos, one classical guitar, one twelve-string guitar, three acoustic guitars, one bass guitar, two djembes, one clarinet, one saxophone and a myriad of percussion.

Music has been the steady baseline of my life beginning with piano lessons at age 7.  Choral singing in elementary school led to dedicated musical theatre throughout secondary school. I also played first clarinet in high school and toyed with the idea of studying music in University.

Although I did not major in music, I learned to play the 14th century viol in one of my medieval music courses. Our cat gut strings required constant tuning (even during performances) and our harpsichord accompanist gave us a truly historical sound.

Playing piano has always been a huge source of stress relief for me. I happily bang away and sing at the top of my lungs, feeling more and more relaxed with every note. A song is never played the same way twice.

The year I turned forty, I began to learn two new musical instruments. The first was the guitar and the second was the djembe. I am proof that it is never too late to learn a musical instrument.

Guitar playing led me to songwriting and djembe lessons led to eight years of employment as a drum facilitator and countless hours of enjoyment in a hand-drumming band.

Currently in a rock band, I move between singing, acoustic guitar and bass guitar.

There is nothing like music to invoke curiosity, humility and creativity. Many of my closest friends are a result of playing music with a variety of instruments.

Change your neural pathways by learning to play something new. Which musical instrument will you buy today?