January 28th

Today is:

NATIONAL BLUEBERRY PANCAKE DAY – I must admit that I am ambivalent about pancakes.  I like them well enough but I suspect if you just poured maple syrup on a plate, I would be happy to lick it off and would be just as satisfied.  However, I do know that they make a fantastic addition to  big breakfast gatherings.  My brother loved them, most likely because he needed a ton of food to fill that six-foot six body of his.  Blueberries are always a nice ingredient, especially fresh.  What are your favourite types of pancakes?

NATIONAL HAVE FUN AT WORK DAY – this reminds me of a story.  Several years ago, we took the girls skiing at Mount St Louis Moonstone.  At the bottom of the lifts, there is always a warmly dressed staff person to make sure everyone gets on the lift safely and ensure there is enough snow in that area.  On this particular day, there was a male staffer at the bottom of the high speed lift.  He had a broom and was sweeping off everyone’s skis, he was enthusiastically greeting each skier and singing happily.  It really must be a boring job but I will never forget how fun he made each lift ride for us.  Unfortuntely, I will also never forget how many skiers seemed to be irritated with his boisterous manner.  He was truly having a fun day at work!

NATIONAL KAZOO DAY – this is awesome!  I love kazoos.  I haven’t had a kazoo in years!  I need a kazoo!  Al would love it if I had a kazoo.  He says he wouldn’t but I know he secretly thinks it would be great.

DATA PRIVACY DAY – this one is not quite as exciting as the other designations but it is highly applicable these days.  Its a reminder to change those passwords and protect your information.

NATIONAL SEED SWAP DAY – seeds were one of the first commodities that were traded.  Today, they are swapped to create new varieties, biodiversity and environmental recycling.  A neighbour once shared some four o’clock seeds with me.  For many years, I continued to grow annual plants from their wee descendants and then lurk in the garden as soon at the kids went back to school in September, picking as many of the little black seeds as I could find.  Have you ever swapped seeds?

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