January 31st

Today is:

NATIONAL BACKWARD DAY – I probably need not explain this one but here goes.  Do everything backward. Breakfast for dinner, clothes on backward, talk backwards.  Kids love it!

NATIONAL INSPIRE ART WITH YOUR HEART DAY – I can fully appreciate this one.  As an amateur artist, I put my heart into everything I do.  Sometimes my intention is much better than the art but it feeds the soul, to sound cliche.  My favourite heart art is card-making.  What is yours?  And if you don’t have one, its time for you to start!

January 30th

Today is:

NATIONAL BUBBLE WRAP APPRECIATION DAY – Yippeee!!  This might be my favourite designation of all!  I love that there is a day to celebrate the simplest thing of all, popping little plastic bubbles.  My favourite way is to lay the piece of bubble wrap on the floor and walk all over it!  Did you know there are even bubble wrap popping apps, just in case you are an environmentalist/addict.

NATIONAL CROISSANT DAY –  Croissants date back a long way with crescent shaped rolls being popular since the 13th century.  Today’s version was introduced in 1939 by a Viennese baker in Paris.  They are made from laminated dough.  The fact that their description uses an engineering term makes me happy so I will truly appreciate them today.  They taste good, disappear quickly because they are made mostly of air and butter and are come in many flavours.  Treat yourself today to a coffee and a croissant!

Have a terrific day eating croissants while popping bubbles!

January 29th

Today is:

NATIONAL PUZZLE DAY – the best conversations I ever had with my dad were either in a fish hut or over a jigsaw puzzle.  With the top of our heads facing each other and hands busy, we seemed to feel more comfortable to share our thoughts.  There was always a puzzle on our dining room table and it was not uncommon for one of us to be walking around with a piece of the puzzle in our pocket so that we could be the one to finish the work of art!  I now have a puzzle table and have noticed that once anyone sits down at that table, they are completely sucked in and must be dragged away hours later.  Enjoy a puzzle today, whether it be a jigsaw, crossword, Sudoku, or word jumble.

NATIONAL CORN CHIP DAY – one of the saltiest treats ever!  I can feel my lips shriveling even as I think about them.  Must. Buy. Corn. Chips.

January 28th

Today is:

NATIONAL BLUEBERRY PANCAKE DAY – I must admit that I am ambivalent about pancakes.  I like them well enough but I suspect if you just poured maple syrup on a plate, I would be happy to lick it off and would be just as satisfied.  However, I do know that they make a fantastic addition to  big breakfast gatherings.  My brother loved them, most likely because he needed a ton of food to fill that six-foot six body of his.  Blueberries are always a nice ingredient, especially fresh.  What are your favourite types of pancakes?

NATIONAL HAVE FUN AT WORK DAY – this reminds me of a story.  Several years ago, we took the girls skiing at Mount St Louis Moonstone.  At the bottom of the lifts, there is always a warmly dressed staff person to make sure everyone gets on the lift safely and ensure there is enough snow in that area.  On this particular day, there was a male staffer at the bottom of the high speed lift.  He had a broom and was sweeping off everyone’s skis, he was enthusiastically greeting each skier and singing happily.  It really must be a boring job but I will never forget how fun he made each lift ride for us.  Unfortuntely, I will also never forget how many skiers seemed to be irritated with his boisterous manner.  He was truly having a fun day at work!

NATIONAL KAZOO DAY – this is awesome!  I love kazoos.  I haven’t had a kazoo in years!  I need a kazoo!  Al would love it if I had a kazoo.  He says he wouldn’t but I know he secretly thinks it would be great.

DATA PRIVACY DAY – this one is not quite as exciting as the other designations but it is highly applicable these days.  Its a reminder to change those passwords and protect your information.

NATIONAL SEED SWAP DAY – seeds were one of the first commodities that were traded.  Today, they are swapped to create new varieties, biodiversity and environmental recycling.  A neighbour once shared some four o’clock seeds with me.  For many years, I continued to grow annual plants from their wee descendants and then lurk in the garden as soon at the kids went back to school in September, picking as many of the little black seeds as I could find.  Have you ever swapped seeds?

January 27th

Today is:

NATIONAL BIG WIG DAY – this day has been newly designated to celebrate the Big Wig within all of us.  When I think of a Big Wig, I usually think of the head of a corporation or business but the organizers of this celebration literally mean donning a Big Wig today and making a positive impact on others.  It is in support of the Cancer Society’s Feel Good/Look Better program.  Pull our your best fake tresses and have a fun day wearing them!


NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY – I am assuming that I do not have to describe a chocolate cake to anyone so I will give a little history lesson instead.  The first reported chocolate cake recipe was published by Eliza Leslie in Philadelphia in 1847.   The first boxed cake mix was created by O. Duff and Sons in the late 1920s with Betty Crocker jumping into the market with their still popular recipe in 1947.  Who doesn’t love a great chocolate cake?!!  Eat an entire cake day.  It’s allowed and even encouraged.



January 26th

Today is:

NATIONAL SPOUSES DAY – if you have a spouse, today is  designated  for you to recognize them with kindness and appreciation.  It is a non-gift-giving day so a “thank you”, “I love you” or “you are awesome” is the perfect way to celebrate along with the gift of your time.  Shouldn’t we do that everyday?


NATIONAL PEANUT BRITTLE DAY – Peanut brittle is said to be a mistake;  a southern woman was reportedly pulling taffy and added baking soda rather than  cream of tartar.  I am sure that this is how many great recipes come about.

Peanut brittle is made from caramelized sugar or corn syrup and nuts.  Pulling the brittle, like taffy, will make it thinner.  Does it also make it stick to your teeth less?


NATIONAL GREEN JUICE DAY – when I was writing word green juice I was picturing my mom’s face if I showed her one of these concotions.  She would have been looking confused and saying something like “Why don’t people just eat their vegetables?”.  Green Juice Day appears in the calendar around the time that people begin to loosen up on  their New Year’s resolutions.  Green Juice makes it easier to quickly meet those daily veggie goals.  What veggies do you like in your green juice?  If you have a favourite recipe, please share!









January 25th

Today is:

NATIONAL IRISH COFFEE DAY – this is a day I can appreciate, especially in the middle of a Canadian winter.   It is reported that Irish Coffee made its way to North America in the 1950s by way of Shannon Airport in Ireland.  Here is the recipe:

Take a warm glass or mug, add 2/3 full of coffee, stir in a heaping teaspoon of sugar and add an ounce of Irish Whiskey.  Now comes the best part:  add cream (preferably non whipped whipping cream) by pouring over the top of a spoon so that it settles on top.  Yum!


NATIONAL OPPOSITE DAY – you know that annoying game that kids play when they proclaim that everything you say is actually the opposite?  For example:

You:  Its time for bed, kids.

Them: Yay, its Opposite Day so we get to stay up all night!

You: No, I am serious.  Its time for bed.

Them:  Yay! She’s kidding!  We get to stay up all night!

Well, now you get to play that game … with everyone you meet.  This could get you into serious trouble.  I’d like reports, please, on how it all worked out.


January 24th

Today Is:

NATIONAL BEER CAN APPRECIATION DAY – the first beer can was produced just prior to the end of Prohibition.  It weighed a hefty 4 oz and used a church key for opening.  Beer cans have come a long way!  They are so light we can easily crush them on our forehead like John Belushi in Animal House.  Appreciate a beer can or two today …. right to the very bottom!

NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY – although the value of a sincere compliment cannot be quantitatively measured, we all know that there are positive benefits. Two kinds of compliments are character compliments and physical compliments.  The first one comments on something the person embodies (kind, talented) and the second one is more extrinsic (new haircut, outfit).

Compliments that are given as a gift to make another person feel better are a wonderful way to spread a little joy.  Think of it as karma dollars on the move.

Equally as important to giving a compliment is the receiving of a compliment.  If someone compliments your outfit, telling them that you look fat in said outfit actually decreases karma dollars and sends negative energy back to the giver.  Accept gracefully and let those negative thoughts go.


NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER DAY – after the excitement of National Popcorn Day, I am ready to ramp it back up with this treat!  I LOVE Peanut Butter and enjoy a spoonful most nights before bed.  Clearly, I do not have any allergies in my household.  Much of my Christmas baking employs peanut butter and I always have a craving for it after I eat popcorn.  Weird.

My favourite use of Peanut Butter outside the norm involves dogs.  One of my girlfriends needed to pill her dogs every morning.  She would put the pills inside a blob of peanut butter, stick it to the front of her kitchen cupboard, dogs would lick the medicated peanut butter off the door and she would wash the door.  Done!  Now if only my cat would do that …..



January 13th

Today is:

NATIONAL RUBBER DUCKY DAY – the earliest patent for a Rubber Ducky was way back in 1928! Fun Fact – in 1992, 28,000 bath toys were lost at sea when a shipping container fell of a ship. I personally think it was the largest Rubber Ducky revolt in history! These bath toys have been washing up on shores as far away as Alaska and have been a great wealth of information with respect ocean currents. GO RUBBER DUCKIES!!!!

Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/1nZS4sF #NationalRubberDuckyDay

NATIONAL STICKER DAY – celebrate everything sticker! Stickers have been around since the 1880s and no teacher can live without them. Think of all the things that you touch in a day that near a sticker. Make a sticker, stick a sticker, admire a sticker.



NATIONAL PEACH MELBA DAY – I actually have no idea if I’ve ever had a peach melba! It sounds delightful – peaches, vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce – but no, it does not ring a bell. Can’t remember going to someone’s house and hearing them declare “We’re having Peach Melba for dessert”. Anyone? Anyone?


PARASKAVEDKEDATRIAPHOBIA DAY – Try to say THAT three times. In case you’re wondering, it is fear of Friday the 13th Day. It’s not a national day but it is indeed Friday the 13th. The next one is in October. Reactions range from amusement to full-on temporary agoraphobia. Where do you lie on the spectrum?

 Check out this post on why people have this phobia: http://bit.ly/2jqNUz2