Origami Advent Calendar

I am a great believer in energy and as a physicist, I have studied the Law of Conservation of Energy.  The theory that energy can neither be created nor destroyed therefore it can only be transferred or transformed is near and dear to my heart.

Energy goes where our focus lies and if that focus is pointed in the direction of our loved ones and it is positive energy, we can transfer it to them.  There are so many ways of transferring energy.  One of my favourites is through acts of service.  Cooking delicious meals, spending quality time and making things allows me to transfer positive energy to my family.

I planned the Origami Advent Calendars a little late but one has reached it destination and two will arrive tomorrow.  Let the festive box opening begin!



Candy Monograms

Personalized initials are a very popular decorating accessory.  There are wooden letters, marquee letters, paintable letters and letter pillows.  But why not make your own that you can be used as wall art, gifts or even gift tags?  And the best part is that you get to eat the main materials afterward!  Check it out!


Origami Treats



Why do presents often seem to come with a hefty price tag for the buyer?  Also, the cost seems to go up every year as children age.  Gift buying can be very expensive if you have several children and a spouse who is so difficult to shop for that you can only buy him really expensive things like power tools or computers.  Did that sound bitter?

A few years ago, my family decided to humour me by agreeing to my homemade Christmas gift challenge.  In short, each family member was to make a gift for one another.  It could be as simple or as complex as they wanted.  Of course, my husband and I did help any of the girls who asked but the results were amazing.  I loved the look of amazement on the girls’ faces when they opened their presents.  I can still remember exactly what they gave each other.  Believe me, that cannot be said about any other Christmas time.

I had a lot of fun making the Origami boxes and getting very creative with the instructions.  Each girl received a different set of instructions.  How  can you go wrong in a craft as simple as this one?!  Check it out!