National Strawberry Shortcake Day celebrate all versions of this delectable dessert. My favourite is the sponge cake variety ... the way my mother used to make it.

JUN 14th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE DAY – Strawberries are ripe for the picking in Ontario which means one thing; strawberry shortcake is officially in season! (actually it means two things; strawberry shortcake and homemade strawberry jam are being enjoyed but today is all about the shortcake).

My mother served strawberry shortcake for dessert in June every year.  She would slice angel food cake into thick pieces, drizzle with her sweetened strawberry mush and top with whipped cream.  FANTASTIC!

Last year, I learned that many people prefer their strawberry sauce on a biscuit rather than sponge cake.  How did I not know this?  Apparently everyone else knew about this but me (and clearly my mom).

I tried the biscuit version of this dessert but can honestly say that I found it to be heavy.  Angel food cake is light and melts in my mouth so I am going to stick with my mom’s recipe for this strawberry season.

Enjoy it however you like!

February 1st

Today is:

NATIONAL GET UP DAY – metaphorically speaking, today is a day to get up, dust ourselves off and give it (whatever IT is for you) another go.  January was National Skating Month so today is approprately named.  Stories of triumph can be shared at or on social media #GetUpDay.  Its all about perseverance in the face of challenges.  We are never alone.

NATIONAL BAKED ALASKA DAY – amazingly, I saw a Baked Alaska the other day and thought to myself “Wow, someone ordered a Baked Alaska.  Never had one of those.”  It is essentially a base of sponge cake, with vanilla icream and topped with baked meringue.  I adore sponge cake, could live on ice cream and LOVE meringue.  I MUST HAVE BAKED ALASKA!!  Road trip!!!!