Free Stock Photo of chocolate and walnut pralines celebrating National Praline Day

JUN 24th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL PRALINES DAY – I am confused. I have always believed that pralines are pecans that have been candy coated in a delicious sugary concoction. I think that I learned from Baskin Robbins’ Pralines and Cream ice cream flavour.

According to my research though, pralines wear many disguises. Belgian pralines have a hard chocolate shell with a soft centre, French pralines are almonds coated in caramelized sugar, while American pralines more resemble a softer creamy fudge with pecans or ground pecans.

The switch from almonds to pecans is said to have occurred when French chefs brought their almond recipe to the US where Pecan trees are plentiful.

No matter the recipe, pralines are delicious and should be celebrated today!

February 16th


NATIONAL DO A GROUCH A FAVOR DAY – Today is the day to help someone turn that grouchy frown upside down.  Ok, I’ll cut the crap.  Some people are just plain grouchy and we really don’t want to be nice …. but, you are encouraged today to do a good turn  for them.  Do something unexpected that is meant to put a smile on their face.  I think the best thing to do would be to organize a mass screening of Grumpy Old Men, eat almonds and CELEBRATE!

NATIONAL ALMOND DAY – notice how I slipped in almonds above as a movie snack and they seemed totally out of place because you were expecting the snack to be popcorn?  Besides, who eats almonds while watching a movie?  I would have to punch you because the crunching sound would drive me insane.  Now that I have offended people and given too much information about my auditory idiosycracies, let’s focus on almonds ….

Almonds are a super food!  They are full of antioxidants and contain many nutrients, most notably in my opinion is magnesium, a great blood pressure reducer.  They are delicious and come in many flavours, although my favourite is plain roasted.   I do like the occasional handful of Tamari almonds but they contain enough salt for a small village so I do limit them.  Here is a great article on the benefits of almonds:

Remember … Grumpy Old Men and almonds.  Go ….. GO!!!