About Random Acts of Creativity


Creativity Is Not For Cowards

When was the last time you checked in, I mean really checked in, with your creativity?

In a world full of schedules, lists, reviews and media bombardment, our unwillingness to dip a toe into any area of daily life that might highlight our skills as being less than stellar is ever so strong. Schools teach our children that mistakes are the worst thing they can do.  Even adults teach children that mistakes are the worst thing they can do.

Our left brains churn with ways of thinking that match the doctrines in our world. We fear the reprisals of voicing ideas that do not fit with others’ thoughts. We even match the opinions of others so that we feel part of the crowd. Perception narrows, letting in only the information that agrees with our current view of the world. Unwittingly, we have allowed our creativity to settle into a dark corner of our brain. In fact, you may even think at times that it has vacated the premises.

When you do try to evoke it, it makes you uncomfortable, leaving you questioning why you even called upon it in the first place. Self-doubt grows at the speed that our confidence plummets. We become cowards, keeping those random creative thoughts to ourselves for fear of judgement or derision.

But all is not lost! Creativity is something we are all born with and merely becomes dormant with a lack of use.

Tapping into your creativity does not have to be time-consuming, expensive or difficult. Small Random Acts of Creativity can get your right brain fired up. Open up your perception, fire up your curiosity and wake up your creativity. It’s time!