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BOOK BUYING DAY – Although this designation is not an official one, it is a day that I observe every year.  On July 21st, I always buy at least one book in memory of my older brother and best friend, John.  He would be 57 years old today and would surely be reading as much now as he was when we lost him 14 years ago.

John devoured the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Steven Hawkings, Charles Darwin, Carl Sagan and anything to do with Mount Everest. He loved books by Isaac Asimov and Charles Dickens, as well as cartoons by Gary Larson and Charles Schulz. He and I would spend hours laughing at Far Side and Peanuts comics.  They are still my favourites.

My brother gave me books constantly.  He would show up at my door with a pile in hand.  Alternately, I would buy him challenging classics like War and Peace or Moby Dick, only to have him read them in short order.

Today, John and I would have lively discussions surrounding the brain books that are my current study choices.  He would love the world of computers and electronics and would still be touring the outdoor world, books in hand. His library would be ever expanding.

I look forward to this day every year as it is about honouring happy memories and remembering, with gratitude, the wonderful people with whom I was incredibly fortunate to share my family life.  Although my heart has mended a little, I will always miss that tall drink of water with the big laugh who was one of my favourite people in the world.

I wonder what book will catch my eye today ….

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