National Best Friends Day celebrates the friends that are family and the family that are friends. Our life is better with our besties.


 BEST FRIENDS DAY! – Beth and I met when we were six.  I can still remember her waving at me from her driveway.  My newest neighbour became a lifelong friend at that moment.  Beth gives the BEST hugs.

Rosalie and Tina lived on my Residence floor in our second year of university.  We have been through everything together and are better friends now thanever.

Christie is family and a friend; that is the best kind of family to have.

Kevin and I have known each other since we were born.  He and his brother are my brothers.

Karren and I are sisters at heart.  We were meant to meet.

Heather makes me laugh.  I love her because she is so many things that I am not. Her husband Mike fills my corners.

John B makes my heart sing. He know what I mean by that.

Pat is the drummer in my band. He is one of the most caring men I know.

Paula is my neighbour.  Yesterday, she sat in a cemetery and had a beer with me and my late brother.

There are so many more friends from a life well lived.  It is truly gratifying to think of them all.

But best friends are the champagne of life.  Cheers to all the best ones!


National Yo-yo Day Celebrates the ups and downs of this terrific spinning toy!


NATIONAL YO-YO DAY – How EXCITING!  Yo-yos are so much fun and definitely should be celebrated today!

I like the wooden yo-yo toys we had when we were kids. They had some weight to them which made it easy to do some groovy tricks like “walk the dog” and “around the world”.

The other great yo-yo memories that I have are of the Osmond’s song and Tommy Smothers’ talents.

The Osmonds had a song called Yo-Yo … I LOVED that group of brothers growing up…. yes, especially Donny. They were über-talented and could dance and sing like nobody’s business!  Tommy Smothers was the comedic master known as the Yo-Yo Man. He was always very entertaining and could do more yo-yo tricks than anyone I had ever seen.  There are many YouTube videos of both.  Check them out today!

Thanks Yo-Yo, for the lovely walk down memory lane …. good times!



National Moonshine Day celebrates the illegal brewing of alcohol. It is typically brewed by the light of the moon so as to avoid detection.


NATIONAL MOONSHINE DAY – When I researched celebrations for today, I was delighted to find out it is Moonshine Day.

Yesterday, we had my husband’s Uncle Otavio for dinner. He is a native Italian with a heavy accent and a plethora of fabulous stories about his life in Canada.

As a young man, Tavio first settled in Timmins, Ontario and began working in the mines in both Timmins and Elliot Lake. He later moved to our hometown with his wife and children and still lives in the house they bought in the late fifties.

One of Tavio’s stories yesterday was, ironically, about making Moonshine. During his stint in the gold mines, they would use grape skins left over from the wine makers to make their alcohol. He described the still that they would fashion our of buckets and tubing. Apparently, he liked his hootch in his coffee.

Our kids didn’t know what Moonshine was so we had a discussion on the illicit activities of brewing alcohol at night.

As Moonshine it illegal, I am in no way encouraging anyone to actually make it but the old stories of people living with very little but making it all count are fascinating.

Is there someone you know who has made Moonshine?



National Cheese Day, #NationalCheeseDay, #CheeseDay, cheese, varieties of cheese, mozzarella,


NATIONAL CHEESE DAY – Among the hundreds of varieties of cheese, I can honestly say that I actively eat four types …. mozzarella (mostly on pizza), feta (mostly in salads), Parmesan (mostly on pasta), and cheese slices.

Although I am not a huge lover of cheese, I do appreciate the passion with which many people approach this fine food. I could not possibly list all the cheeses nor recipes for them.

I did, however, have the pleasure to actually make cheese.  We were visiting friends in Manitoba last fall. Our friend Gavin makes his own cheese and smokes his own meat. Mozzarella was our task and it was a fascinating venture!

To be honest, I don’t remember a whole lot about the actual process but I do remember how hot it was handling the cheese at one point. Because it was not aged, there wasn’t a lot of flavour but we sure did enjoy eating our labours!




National Egg Day celebrates all the different ways that we can served the very versatile egg!


NATIONAL EGG DAY – Fried, sunny side up, over hard, soft boiled, hard boiled, Benedict, florentine, scrambled, devised, frittata and omelet … different ways to serve an egg.  As I write this, I am eating two hard boiled eggs that are sliced and covered with salsa.  Yum!

And that’s not all …. they can be found in salads, on sandwiches, atop steaks and mixed in batters.

Eggs might be one of the most versatile foods and are filled with protein, amino acids, and Vitamin D.

We have friends who purchased an ostrich egg last summer.  The content were apparently equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs!  The shell is very durable and cannot be cracked like a small egg.

Our friends drilled a small hole to remove the contents and now have a great keepsake that can be etched or used in decor.


National Doughnut Day celebrates round friend pastries that come in many different flavours


NATIONAL DOUGHNUT DAY – As far as treats go, I don’t love doughnuts.  They are definitely tasty but are not anything I seek out. If I had to pick a favourite, I would go with Boston Cream.  Which variety is your favourite?

I have one great doughnut memory.  We were hosting a party many years ago.  A family friend, who owned a coffee shop, arrived with boxes of doughnuts.  At the end of the evening, with many doughnuts left over, we did something that I had never done before and will likely never do again.

We opened the boxes of doughnuts, took one bite out of each doughnut and threw them back in the box!  SO FUN!!!