NATIONAL CAMERA DAY – I have had the distinct honour of pouring through some old family photo albums over that past few weeks.  I have seen photos that are more than one hundred years old.  A portrait of my great-great-great grandparents and their family is a most precious find.

There is a photo of my grandmother as a baby in a beautiful wicker pram.  One image shows my grandfather and his gunner partner in WWI, shortly before my grandfather’s entire regiment, save my grandfather, was killed. There are a few dozen photos of my father and his siblings in a several albums, mostly at home and at family weddings.

We document every minute of our lives these days (or at least it seems that way) with our portable cameras.  Even though that was not the case with past generations, these precious few photos tell a wealth of stories and I am incredibly grateful to have a tiny peek back in time.

Appreciate your camera today and use it to capture quality memories; memories that will tell a story of a life well-lived.

Remember that possibly one day, a family member may feel the gratitude of gaining insight into their long-gone family generations as well.



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