JUN 28th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL INSURANCE AWARENESS DAY AND NATIONAL PAUL BUNYAN DAY – I could not decide which day to celebrate so I decided to celebrate both.

Paul Bunyan was rumoured to be a gigantic man. It is even suggested that it took five storks to carry him as a baby. Imagine the flight insurance those storks would have needed for that load.

As a child, Paul Bunyan is rumoured to have broken windows just by clapping and laughing, surely taxing his parent’s homeowner insurance policy.

The Grand Canyon was said to have been formed as Bunyan and his ox Babe walked while dragging his axe behind him. Fortunately, he had “ax”ident insurance.

Canada was not to be left out of the legend. Bunyan needed a watering hole for Babe so legend has it that he created our Great Lakes. I am guessing the Canadians’ property insurance went way up after he made Niagara Falls!

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