JUN 23rd | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL PINK DAY – Pink is a colour with some history!

Pink is the name of a flower, a rock star, flamingoes, pigs, and the type of slip one is given when being let go from a job. If you take hallucinogens you might see pink elephants. There are pink foods, pink drinks and pink cars.

Pink was primarily worn by boys in 19th century England but is now associated more with girls.  It is the colour of innocence, femininity and tenderness.

FUN FACT: Madame de Pompadour was the mistress of King Louis XV of France in the mid 1700s.  She had her very own shade of pink!

It was also the colour of my bedroom in my parents’ house.  The walls were pink, the carpet was bubble gum pink and the bedspread was fushia.  Although I love the colour pink, I am happy that my bedroom is no longer pink.

Happy Pink Day!

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