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NATIONAL ONION RING DAY – If I were offered the choice between french fries and onion rings, I would likely choose the onion rings!

I love onions … raw, sautéd, fried and even soaked in vinegar.  We always had lots of onions in our house when I was growing up.  My father would eat them like apples.

Every fall, Dad would buy a huge bushel of Spanish onions to last throughout the winter.  He would use panty hose to store them.

First, he would put one onion in the toe of the stocking and then he would knot it tightly so the onion was tightly encased by the nylon.  Then, he would drop another onion in the leg of the hose and knot it again, repeating until the stocking was filled with onions.

Using a staple gun, Dad would attach the onion string to the wooden ceiling joists in a storage room in our basement.  When he wanted an onion, he would use scissors to cut the bottom-most onion from the hanging string. It was quite the sight but truly genius.

Urban Farmers NYC website has a great picture of onions in their winter habitat https://urbanfarmersnyc.files.wordpress.com/2014/12/onions.png

I have not continued this tradition but my family and I all love onions.  We cook with them often.  One of our favourite onion recipes is onion strings.  When we have our annual Fundue (fondue for diehards), we devote one pot of hot oil just for the onions.

National Onion Ring Day

We thinly slice them using a mandoline, soak them in water and milk for several hours, drain and dredge in seasoned flour, and fry in the oil.  They are FANTASTIC and barely hit the plate before they are gone!

They may not be classic onion rings but they are equally as yummy.  If offered the choice today, go for the onion rings.

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