JUN 20th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL VANILLA MILKSHAKE DAY – I rarely drink milkshakes but if I were to order one, it would be vanilla. I wonder if, with the advent of fancy drinks like ice caps and lattes, the milkshake has taken a hit in popularity.  I sincerely hope that it survives lactose intolerance and the nut milk craze because milkshakes are iconic.

My husband likes chocolate and thinks I am crazy to prefer vanilla but it has always been my favourite.  I also prefer vanilla ice cream and vanilla Girl Guide cookies.

There are many great milkshakes in the world but the best are homemade.  I have my grandmother’s milkshake maker.  It is a green appliance with a large metal cup and weighs a ton.  When I was a teen, my dad would make occasionally make milkshakes with milk and vanilla ice cream.  They were delicious!

I have not used this contraption in several years but I think it is time to change that and enjoy a lovely, cold beverage.


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