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NATIONAL GO FISHING DAY – Unless you live under a rock, you already know that it’s Father’s Day. It is the day that we celebrate the men in our lives whether is be our father, our children’s father or any other father for that matter.

My father passed away nearly 10 years ago.  I will always miss him and wish that I could hear his stories just one more time.

When I was a teen, we built a family cottage.  It was on an island in large Lake Simcoe.  We had to travel by boat in summer and by snowmobile in winter to reach the cottage.  For me, the prospect of crossing a frozen lake is as exciting as braving the rough waters in a boat.  I love it all!

Dad was an avid fisherman and took us out fishing in the boat quite often but it was ice fishing that I really loved.

Our fish hut was several miles past our island and he would wake us at four or five in the morning to head there in the dark cold to catch some trout and whitefish.

I loved sitting on the hard wooden bench with my dad while we watching the ice fishing sticks.  We would drink thick dark coffee that he brewed on the little propane heater and count down the hours until we could dig into mom’s fantastic egg salad sandwiches.

I have always said that my best conversations with my dad were either over a jigsaw puzzle or in a fish hut.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  Go fishing 🙂

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