JUN 15th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL SMILE POWER DAY – When I said the word SMILE to myself, the tune and lyrics to Charlie Chaplin’s song with the same name instantly began playing in my head.

I am a HUGE believer in the power of a smile.  I do believe that if people smiled more, we would live in a friendlier and more connected world.  Naive as that may seem, I have noticed over and over the power of a sincere smile.

Most people have a resting bitch face.  Some people’s expressions are neutral but others are actually frightening.  You know those people.

A smile, even the tiniest of one, can change a face from disconcerting to welcoming in an instant.

When I was in an African Hand-Drumming band, we had upwards of a dozen drummers at any given time.  One of our more advanced drummers was named Allan.  When we performed, he never smiled but rather looked forward with little expression.  Our leader Ron once told him that he looked mean.  It was hilarious and true.

I became the Smile Captain in the group.  I would smile maniacally at the various drummers to remind them to look as though they were actually enjoying themselves.

Smile at someone you don’t know everyday and see how different you feel.  Who couldn’t use a little connection?

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