JUN 12th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DAY – When I was in grade 2, Miss Buffett put together a booklet of all of her students’ favourite recipes.  My chosen recipe was my Mom’s Peanut Butter cookies. She made them regularly and put the standard fork cross pattern in them.

As these recipe booklets were made in the late 1960s, making copies of each kid’s recipe was quite an undertaking.  There were no computers or photocopy machines in the schools at that time.

The printer was known as a spirit duplicator but everyone called it a ditto machine.  The ink colour was most often purple and the freshly printed page smelled of the isoproponal/methanol duplicating fluid.

I can almost conjure up that smell right now but I’d rather smell peanut butter cookies.

I still have my recipe page written in Mom’s writing so it’s time to fire up the oven.

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