JUN 11th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL CORN ON THE COB DAY – IT’S MY DAY! IT’S MY DAY!! No … seriously, this is the best day!

I LOVE corn.  I love it  popped, creamed, steamed, cold, and on the cob. I especially love it on the cob. I don’t care if it is peaches and cream or the more starchy yellow variety. If corn is on the table, I am happy.

I could eat an entire dinner of corn on the cob.  Butter, salt and pepper are my favourite toppings and I prefer to use the little handles that are stuck in the ends. White rice with peas and corn is my comfort food, It goes back to the day when I lived in a small basement apartment with one hot plate.  I couldn’t cook much but rice and veggies were easy.  Corn was a staple.

The picture below is when I was still in a high chair …loving corn.  I started young and haven’t stopped since.

National Corn on the Cob Day - enjoy one of natures best vegetables however you like it!  But corn on the cob is the best!!

What a great day! Enjoy corn today (and any day)!


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