NATIONAL STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE DAY – Fruit pies are, in my opinion, the best pies.  My grandmother only made fruit pies as far as I can remember.  I am sure she made strawberry rhubarb but I mostly had eyes for her cherry pies.

The beauty of strawberries and rhubarb is that one is sweet and the other is tart.  They make a perfect pair.  But I am going to focus on rhubarb instead because I LOVE it!

FUN FACT:  Rhubarb is high in oxalic acid.  The leaves contain so much oxalic acid that they are toxic to humans.  The stalks however are safe to eat and full of all of sorts of vitamins and minerals.  It is said rhubarb  can help reduce blood pressure, increase the body’s ability to burn fat and stimulate the growth of red blood cells.

I adore rhubarb when it has been stewed in water and sweetened with sugar. Now is the time to harvest this yummy food.

Dig into a strawberry rhubarb pie today!



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