BEST FRIENDS DAY! – Beth and I met when we were six.  I can still remember her waving at me from her driveway.  My newest neighbour became a lifelong friend at that moment.  Beth gives the BEST hugs.

Rosalie and Tina lived on my Residence floor in our second year of university.  We have been through everything together and are better friends now thanever.

Christie is family and a friend; that is the best kind of family to have.

Kevin and I have known each other since we were born.  He and his brother are my brothers.

Karren and I are sisters at heart.  We were meant to meet.

Heather makes me laugh.  I love her because she is so many things that I am not. Her husband Mike fills my corners.

John B makes my heart sing. He know what I mean by that.

Pat is the drummer in my band. He is one of the most caring men I know.

Paula is my neighbour.  Yesterday, she sat in a cemetery and had a beer with me and my late brother.

There are so many more friends from a life well lived.  It is truly gratifying to think of them all.

But best friends are the champagne of life.  Cheers to all the best ones!

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