NATIONAL MOONSHINE DAY – When I researched celebrations for today, I was delighted to find out it is Moonshine Day.

Yesterday, we had my husband’s Uncle Otavio for dinner. He is a native Italian with a heavy accent and a plethora of fabulous stories about his life in Canada.

As a young man, Tavio first settled in Timmins, Ontario and began working in the mines in both Timmins and Elliot Lake. He later moved to our hometown with his wife and children and still lives in the house they bought in the late fifties.

One of Tavio’s stories yesterday was, ironically, about making Moonshine. During his stint in the gold mines, they would use grape skins left over from the wine makers to make their alcohol. He described the still that they would fashion our of buckets and tubing. Apparently, he liked his hootch in his coffee.

Our kids didn’t know what Moonshine was so we had a discussion on the illicit activities of brewing alcohol at night.

As Moonshine it illegal, I am in no way encouraging anyone to actually make it but the old stories of people living with very little but making it all count are fascinating.

Is there someone you know who has made Moonshine?


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