NATIONAL CHEESE DAY – Among the hundreds of varieties of cheese, I can honestly say that I actively eat four types …. mozzarella (mostly on pizza), feta (mostly in salads), Parmesan (mostly on pasta), and cheese slices.

Although I am not a huge lover of cheese, I do appreciate the passion with which many people approach this fine food. I could not possibly list all the cheeses nor recipes for them.

I did, however, have the pleasure to actually make cheese.  We were visiting friends in Manitoba last fall. Our friend Gavin makes his own cheese and smokes his own meat. Mozzarella was our task and it was a fascinating venture!

To be honest, I don’t remember a whole lot about the actual process but I do remember how hot it was handling the cheese at one point. Because it was not aged, there wasn’t a lot of flavour but we sure did enjoy eating our labours!



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