MAY 31st – TODAY IS:

NATIONAL SPEAK IN SENTENCES DAY – Acronyms have become a firmly entrenched part of human speech. How many times have I heard someone say “brb”?  For those of you living under a rock, it means be right back. Is it really so much more work saying the words “be right back” that we have now have a way to conserve energy by shortening it to first letters only?

What would it be like if, for one day, we spoke in complete sentences?  When I text, I write full sentences including the period.  According to my kids, this means I am mad. In my world, it means I am using proper grammar.  Clearly, I am old school.

Places of work can be the worst for using acronyms.  Before I retired from SiS, I was a TL.  My husband is an FLM at OPG where part of his job is to be a HOR and deal with SPCs and APP As.   We all have our special languages it seems.

Count how many times you have used shortcuts in one day and have fun with speaking or texting the full words today!



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