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NATIONAL HAMBURGER DAY – I have often wondered if the hamburger is one of the most often served food items in North America. Think about it … other than pizza, nearly every fast food chain serves hamburgers. Nearly every casual dining restaurant serves these seasoned beef sandwiches. Having a BBQ? Hamburgers are the star attraction! Kids love hamburgers! Teens love hamburgers! Even adults love hamburgers!

One of the most interesting hamburger joints here in southern Ontario is called The Works. There are over a dozen of these eateries featuring the wackiest hamburger menu I’ve ever seen.

You can choose from beef, chicken, or turkey patties. Not a meat eater? Go for the veggie patty or portobello mushrooms. If you want to be more adventurous, you could order the crispy chicken, cheese stuffed beef or domestic elk patties.

I don’t know how many burger topping choices they have on the menu but it seems to be at least a hundred. They are so passionate at The Works about their crazy combinations that they will shame you if you go for the standard condiment choices.

Here are some examples:

Hunka Hunka – Peanut butter, banana slices and bacon

Nacho Libre – Crunchy tr-coloured corn tortillas with 4 shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa and green onions

Sk8R Boy – Peanut Butter, jack cheese and bacon

The Trudeau Burger – red peppers and pouting

If you live near The Works, head there today for some serious National Hamburger Day celebrations. If not, try your own wacky combinations right at home!

Check out the Works website:



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