MAY 25th | NATIONAL CELLOPHANE TAPE DAY – I know, you are thinking “there has to be a better celebration for today”. When I saw my choices I was disappointed as nothing seemed fun, delicious or glamorous. Cellophane tape is about as mundane as anything I can think of but then again, is it?

We use transparent tape to close those sticky envelopes that have lost their stick, glasses that have come unhinged, hold pictures in place on the mat of a frame, wrap around rings that are too big for our fingers, and last but not least … we use tape when wrapping presents.

Here are some other everyday uses of cellophane tape:

– Slide a strip between the keys of your keyboard to pick up all the snacking shrapnel
Wrap a few times around fingers to use as an impromptu lint roller
Temporary hem for pants
Repair the ends of shoelaces when that little plastic thingy falls off
Pick up broken glass
Mask your eyelid for the perfectly lined cat eye
Cover magnetic strip on credit card as a temporary fix if you’ve over-swiped (or just stop shopping)

I have convinced myself that we should definitely celebrate cellophane tape. Think of the panic we feel when we realize while wrapping a beautiful gift that you are out of clear tape. Forced to use masking tape, embarrassment sets in while you berate yourself for not keeping this loyal staple on hand. Check your supplies … buy more. You will always need it.

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