MAY 26th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL DON’T FRY DAY – Tragically, I almost skipped over Don’t Fry Day thinking that it meant don’t fry food. I can’t imagine jumping on the Low Fat Band Wagon. Be serious!  I like fat in my food as it just tastes better that way. It’s not like I fry food everyday but an occasional plate of deep fried onion strings or breaded shrimp are just devine.

This day actually promotes the use of SPF. Now you’ve noticed that its not as exciting as starting a debate about whether to eat fat or not to eat fat.

Fortunately, sunburns are a hot topic as we know the prevalence of skin cancer. Gone are the baby-oiled sunbathing days. Gone are the bare skin scorched by a reflective mirror. Gone are days when we send the kids out of the house for the day to play outside.

As summer approaches in the Northern Hemishpere, now is the time to stock up on sun blocks, bathing suit covers, protective clothing, and wide rimmed hats. Keep those sunburns at bay and protect your body.  Your skin will thank you.



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