MAY 25th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL WINE DAY – FINALLY!!! I have been practicing all year for this day! I’ve been working up to it by visiting the LCBO, studying the fancy old and new labels, testing my pouring skills and, of course, taste-testing many different varieties of this lovely fermented beverage.  It has all led to today … Wine Day!!!

Wine is delicious.  I enjoy both red and white wine but do find that organic white is kinder to my body.  Age-related night sweats are less frequent with organic wine due to decreased sulfite levels.

One of my dearest friends lives a four hour drive from me.  We typically chat on Thursday evenings and usually begin the conversation with the question “Do you have your glass of wine ready?”  If the answer is no, then the lovely sound of wine being poured into a glass ensues.  As the chat continues, I always enjoy the distinctive clink of her glass when I hear her put it down on the table.

Celebrate wine today by enjoying an old favourite or trying a new variety.


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