NATIONAL ESCARGOT DAY – My first experience with escargot was when I was an adolescent.  Eating out was a rare event  for my family.  Very occasionally we would go to a local casual restaurant called the Bo Peep.  Apparently, I always wanted to order a peanut butter and jam sandwich so my parents never saw the point in taking me out.

For special occasions, we would sometimes go to the Ali Baba restaurant.  It featured prime rib and seafood and offered a salad bar which was pretty exciting back then.  My mom would have a rare cocktail, usuallly a Singapore Sling, my dad would have a beer, and my brother would order escargot.

Of course, as the little sister, I needed to model him so I would order it as well.  The iconic escargot dish would be filled with six snails and oodles of garlic butter.  A basket of bread would aid in sopping up all the tasty sauce.  Delicious!

Many years later, however,  I realized that I didn’t really love the escargot.  I tried it prepared in other ways and I just didn’t connect with the little appetizers.  It was the garlic butter that I loved best. Sorry snails, but you’ve been bested by a sauce.

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