NATIONAL BUY A MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DAY – Musical instruments are among my favourites belongings. And let me tell you, I own a lot of musical instruments: two pianos, one classical guitar, one twelve-string guitar, three acoustic guitars, one bass guitar, two djembes, one clarinet, one saxophone and a myriad of percussion.

Music has been the steady baseline of my life beginning with piano lessons at age 7.  Choral singing in elementary school led to dedicated musical theatre throughout secondary school. I also played first clarinet in high school and toyed with the idea of studying music in University.

Although I did not major in music, I learned to play the 14th century viol in one of my medieval music courses. Our cat gut strings required constant tuning (even during performances) and our harpsichord accompanist gave us a truly historical sound.

Playing piano has always been a huge source of stress relief for me. I happily bang away and sing at the top of my lungs, feeling more and more relaxed with every note. A song is never played the same way twice.

The year I turned forty, I began to learn two new musical instruments. The first was the guitar and the second was the djembe. I am proof that it is never too late to learn a musical instrument.

Guitar playing led me to songwriting and djembe lessons led to eight years of employment as a drum facilitator and countless hours of enjoyment in a hand-drumming band.

Currently in a rock band, I move between singing, acoustic guitar and bass guitar.

There is nothing like music to invoke curiosity, humility and creativity. Many of my closest friends are a result of playing music with a variety of instruments.

Change your neural pathways by learning to play something new. Which musical instrument will you buy today?

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