MAY 20th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL LEARN TO SWIM DAY – I learned to swim when I was five.  Even though I grew up with a cottage, I wasn’t interested in swimming until then.

It really wasn’t swimming at the point either.   It was actually standing at the edge of the pool in the shallow end for the entire lesson series.  The instructor, a family friend, was worried that I would never venture forth but my mom said “just let her stand there”.

I am happy to say that once I found my fins, I spent more time underwater than above.

Interestingly, I am floater.  My husband and kids are all sinkers.  I can effortlessly stay afloat with toes and head above water for quite a while.  I am sure they are all jealous.

Everyone should know how to swim not only for enjoyment but for safety.  Water sports are play for adults.  Play is good for the soul.  Therefore, swimming is good for the soul.  So there.


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