MAY 19th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL NO DIRTY DISHES DAY  – We did inadvertently avoid creating dirty dishes today by ordering pizza but I would never use disposable plastic in order to hide from dirty dishes. At my advanced age, washing up is not a bad thing.

I used to torture my mother with a bad teenage attitude nearly every time I had to dry the dishes.  Yes, we had a dishwasher but we never put anything but plates, utensils and glasses in it … ever!

Pots, pans and storage containers (including the dreaded zip closure plastic bags) were all washed and dried by hand.  They were never left to drip dry … never!

We have a rule in our house.  Those who cook don’t have to wash dishes but since we often have more than one set of hands chopping vegetables even that rule is very fluid.

My favourite thing is when my daughters complain about having to do the dishes.  They turn on music in the kitchen and then proceed to laugh and chat for the 10 minutes or so that it takes to complete the dreaded task. What a horrible thing to have to do.

Dirty dishes bring us together in the kitchen.  Many a good chat happens with dish cloths and towels in hand.  By all means, steer clear of dirty dishes today. Or by all means celebrate dish washing today.

By the way ….. sorry mom.

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