MAY 17th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL PACK RAT DAY – I do not think of myself as a pack rat although my collection of Christmas decorations is staggering.  I do have a number of unneeded items in my home but pathways are clear and generally tidy.  My friend Heather claims I decorate like a Brit with many things to dust.  I am definitely not a minimalist.

I did not know, however, that there is an actual animal called a pack rat.  I thought that is was merely a nickname for people who like to keep lots of stuff.

The mammal pack rat is a bushy tailed rodent unlike your typical rat with the weird scaley tail.  Pack Rats have large pouch-like cheeks that can hold lots of food and other items.  They are also known as wood rats.

The human pack rat is not the same as a hoarder.  Pack rats are said to buy unneeded items and have areas of clutter.  Hoarders maintain clutter to the point that it interferes with normal daily activities.

I am happy to say that we have had a number of yard sales and they are the best way, for our household, to get rid of unwanted possessions.  And anything that doesn’t sell immediately is donated to a local charity.

If you aren’t a pack rat, celebrate the rodent.  If you are a pack rat, celebrate all your stuff today!  And then have a yard sale ……..




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