MAY 16th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL LOVE A TREE DAY – It is also National Sea Monkey Day but I have never seen a Sea Monkey up close.  I have admired trees my whole life and so I am loving trees today!

Actually, this is the perfect time in Canada to celebrate trees as they are now waking up.  They will never be more green than they are right now with new leaves full of nutrients from all of our recent spring rains.

My favourite tree is the white pine.  They truly sound like they are whispering when the wind blows through their needles. Their height and softness make them a most majestic part of any landscape.

I also love birch trees and have saved much of the bark from my mom’s beloved front yard tree.  We had to take the tree down after an ice storm sadly broke most of its branches.  The bark will be used for many art projects in the years to come.

Willows are also among my favourite with their beautiful plume-like branches.  One of my dearest friends reminds me of a willow tree both in stature and beauty.

Although I say these are my favourite trees, I have yet to see some of the world’s renowned trees such as the Red Sequoias or the Baobab in Madagasgar.  One of the first items on my bucket list is the travel through the Dark Hedges in Northen Ireland.  These might all become my favourite trees.

Love a tree today.   What is your favourite tree?


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