MAY 15th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL CHOCOLATE CHIP DAY – Today we celebrate chocolate chips and all the wonderful things they can do.

Chocolate chips can make a plain muffin sublime a cookie stupendous.  Melted in a double boiler, they can coat peanuts, chow main noodles and coconut for fabulous desserts.

Honestly, my favourite way to eat chocolate chips is straight from the bag.  Years ago, I owned a Cookie Mix business.  I would fill 750 mL mason jars with eight different recipes of cookie mixes.  All but one recipe contained chocolate chips.

I would buy cases chocolate chips by the kilogram and I think I ate those delicious little morsel of yumminess by the kilogram.  It was so easy to grab a measuring cup and dip into the box. I did, however, get sick of making cookies and eating chocolate chips.

Luckily, I am proud to say, after I sold the business, my love affair with chocolate chips rekindled.  Christmastime baking sees my greatest use of chocolate chips but I think it’s time to buy a bag.  Just to eat. Yum.


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