MAY 13th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL FROG JUMPING DAY – The Olympic long jump record is 29 ft 4 1/4 in.  Now that is impressive.

In 1986, Rosie the Ribiter jumped a record 21 ft 5 3/4 in.  And I’ll bet Rosie is did not take 18 to 20 running strides before leaping.  Now that is worth celebrating!

Frog jumping is the subject of Mark Twain’s first published short story.  The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County tells the story of two men betting on whose frog can jump higher.

Calaveras County in California actually hosts an annual frog jumping contest … since 1849,  Now that is a tradition!

If you have a frog, celebrate their jumping today!


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