MAY 11th | TODAY IS:

NATIONAL FOAM ROLLING DAY – Either I have been living under a rock or the popularity of the foam roller truly has increased wildly in the last few years.

Nicknamed the Poor Man’s Massage, foam rolling was invented in 1926.  Since I only learned about it a couple of years ago, I am thinking this rudimentary device has had one long slow climb to the top of the fitness accessories list.

For decades, the foam roller was mainly used by professional athletes and physio therapists.  Recently, this form of self myofascial release began gaining popularity for home use.  They can now be found in every athletic wear store/department.

Foam rolling is designed to help people increase mobility in muscles by breaking up knots.  The user can locate the muscle pain by laying on the roller and moving back in forth to release the knot.

AND, unlike traditional massage, you can do it everyday!  Do it today!



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