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NATIONAL CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM DAY – My bedroom is fairly tidy (although my husband would roll his eyes at that statement).  We have knick knacks, lots of books and random stuff on our dressers.  I also have a pile of clothes that always seem to sit in a corner … usually things like frequently worn yoga pants and cardigans.

But for the longest time, the mess was in my dresser.  Out of sight, however, is not always out of mind.  Finding socks or underwear could be painful, with lots of routing around and furthering chaos.  Every time I would open a drawer, I would be frustrated and I would mutter “Someone really needs to clean this up.”

Growing up, my mother decorated my bedroom right down to the dark pink velvet bedspread with five carefully placed decorative pillows.  She even decided what would sit atop my furniture. Our bedroom doors were never closed so that guests could always gaze with admiration if they visited the bathroom.

I think that I rebelled silently by allowing my dresser drawers to be a continual mess.  T-shirts were folded but then pushed out of the way to find that one at the bottom.  Pajamas were haphardly stuffed into a bottom drawer.  Amazingly, one day it all changed.

I downloaded the audio book of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo.  The recording is a little dry and I did not subscribe to everything she teaches but I did adopt her way of folding clothes and arranging them in drawers.

I took the time to tidy my entire dresser and have since maintained the order.  It has truly been a gratifying experience.

I also rearranged my husband’s drawers.  I used to call him the T-shirt On Top guy.    Now, he can see every t-shirt when he opens his drawer and does not just choose the one on top.  We also learned that he has 9 red t-shirts, most of them bearing the word “Canada” is some formation.

Now go … clean up your room!


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