NATIONAL LOST SOCK MEMORIAL DAY – I am not telling a yarn … it really is Lost Sock Memorial Day.  Now, before you get yourself in stitches, let me tell you about my close-knit relationship with left over socks and hopefully you will gain some purls of knowledge.

Enough of that.

If you are like me, you likely have multiple socks who have lost their mates. If you are also like me, you only wear a sock and its proper partner together.

I hold onto these single socks much longer than I should.  Once it is clear it’s mate has gone AWOL, it should be sent to either rag pasture or sock heaven.  But no, they sit atop my dresser far longer than they ever should.  It appears to be my Achilles heel.

Which begs the question … where do lost socks go?  I have moved many times and have yet to find a pile of sad lost hosery hiding beneath a seldom used piece of furniture.  Occasionally, I will see an abandoned dirty sock on a sidewalk but I have always assumed they were lost during an outside skirmish.

If you have any inside knowledge of the whereabouts of these beloved pieces of footwear, please share.  It socks to be without them.



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