NATIONAL PACKAGING DESIGN DAY – as I wandered through the liquor store yesterday, I noticed (and not for the first time) how much the label on a wine bottle influences my perception of the beverage.

I admired a wine named Burnt Ship Bay because I liked the name and label.  I have no idea if it is actually a nice wine but I would likely buy it because of the packaging.  I love guitars so Red Guitar is naturally one of my favourites. If you’ve ever hear of the Dirty Bottle (Chateauneuf du Pape) you will understand why I actually visit this wine in the store on most visits.

Packaging is a huge industry and has a massive creative component as designers hope to elevate their product to catch the visual senses of shoppers.

Today I salute those designers who are able to catch our attention with designs and packages that stand out above the rest.






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