May 6th


NATIONAL BEVERAGE DAY – It’s Saturday and it’s beverage day!  What could be better?!

I am thinking of the multiple of beverages that I might consume today.  I started the day with a nice hot coffee (okay … two).  It was followed by a glass of cold water.

I will likely transition to some home-made club soda after lunch.  Later this afternoon, I am going to go visit Dear Daughter #2 who is sampling her beverage company’s wares at a local LCBO (liquor store for non-Canadians). She works for Black Fly but will be offering tastes of their vodka, Bob’s Super Smooth (notice how I shamelessly plugged her booze company?).

Wine is more than a distinct possibility for me later on accompanied by more water.  Glorious!

Beverages can be hot, cold, frozen, blended, shaken, stirred, alcoholic, non-alcoholic, carbonated, room-temperature, infused, organic, and fermented.

What is your favourite type of beverage?  How many different beverages do you drink in a day?






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