May 5th


NATIONAL CARTOONISTS DAY – I know that it is also CINCO DE MAYO but I have never celebrated this Mexican-American tradition (although it looks amazing).

Instead,  I have chosen to celebrate cartoonists due to a more personal perspective.  My late brother had a friend Rene.  Rene was a graphic artist who, naturally, had other graphic artist friends.

One year, a friend of Rene’s drew him a large picture filled with famous characters;  including the Three Stooges, Frankenstein, Dick Tracy, Pinocchio,  ZZ Top, Marilyn Monroe, and of course, Elvis.  They were all drawn as cartoons but the best part was that they all had a cartoon rendition of Rene’s face complete with a swarthy 5 o’clock shadow and glasses.  Each and every character on the picture has the same face.  Hilarious!

As the story goes, my brother would visit Rene and, upon entering his home, would immediately run to the basement and laugh at the picture.  His favourite character was from the comic strip Nancy.  I know this because my brother would tell me the same story every time he visited his friends’ home. It is honestly one of my favourite stories.

Rene has since given me a small framed version of Nancy.  In fact, I call Rene “Nancy” to this day.

Celebrate Cartoonists and their abilities to make us laugh!



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