May 4th


NATIONAL STAR WARS DAY – May The 4th Be With You.  There …. I said it!  Everyone is saying it today because we are all geeks at heart.

Star Wars premiered in 1977 and it was unlike anything we had ever seen before.  I was a teenager when I first saw it and walked out of the theatre flabbergasted.    In fact, I saw an afternoon showing of the movie with my friend Beth and then dragged my mother out that same day to see it again.

Six weeks later, my parents, Beth and I traveled across the Atlantic on the Queen Elizabeth II.  Star Wars was playing in the ship’s theatre and yes, we saw it again!  Good times.

I will always have a soft spot for this movie.  Even though the technology has changed immensely, the first Star Wars’ special effects are never lost on me.

Yoda is my favourite character to quote.  Who is yours?

Enjoy any or all of the Star Wars movies today!


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