May 3rd


NATIONAL LUMPY RUG DAY – there are a number of celebrations today but this one caught my eye. Do we really need to celebrate a lumpy rug? Do lumps in a rug make us happy? I tend to trip over lumpy rugs and do not find that to be a festive experience.

It turns out that this celebration is not really about the lumps at all. It is about the rugs.

Literally, it is a day to remind us to spring clean our mats after a long winter of abuse. Take them outside (if you can) and beat them silly with a broom. Alternately, if you have a carpet cleaner, give them a wash and style.

Metaphorically, it is a day to drag out all that stuff that you have swept under the rug … the embarrassing or damaging things that haunt you despite all avoidance tactics.

However you decide to celebrate Lumpy Rug Day, floor your family with clean mats!

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