May 1st


NATIONAL CHOCOLATE PARFAIT DAY – When I was young, I was obsessed with jello and pudding.  It was easy to make and something my mother would let me prepare unsupervised.

I had my own jello recipe book that taught me how to layer jello in a parfait glass on funky angles and add other ingredients such as fruit and whipped cream.

If you were around in the dark ages, you may remember a commercial that had the tagline “Hey kids, get out of that jello tree!”.  The fruit in the tree was made with jello and jiggled happily while children climbed the tree.

One year, I saved the specified number of box tops and sent away for the jello moulds to make fruit shaped jello.  Wow, was I proud of my jello servings!

I prefer cooked pudding over instant and also prefer butterscotch pudding. but chocolate pudding with whipped cream (a.k.a. chocolate parfait) is always welcome in my house.


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