April 21st



BULLDOGS ARE BEAUTIFUL DAY – This is Louis.  He is my favourite bulldog.  No, he is not my dog unfortunately but belongs to a friend of mine.  She has some fantastic pictures of him but this is my favourite.  The thought bubble was added by a mutual friend Gale and I think it captures the moment spectacularly.

Many years ago, I lived in a wonderfully small house.  My neighbours had a bull dog named Stella.  It used to crack me up when I would hear them yelling out their back door “STELLA ….. STELLA”.

One spring day, when I was cleaning my car, I was sitting half in the driver’s seat, turned to clean the dash and was startled by Stella sitting happily in the passenger seat with her Underbite of Glory!  Fantastic!

Bulldogs are Beautiful!  Celebrate them today!


April 20th



NATIONAL LOOK ALIKE DAY – I used to joke that, when it came to my daughters, I was merely the incubator.  I have blue eyes and fair skin.  My hair looks best blond and is wonderfully transitioning to white.

My daughters were both born with dark hair and brown / hazel eyes.  Their skin was naturally darker and they did not look my children when they were little.  Fortunately, they have since taken on many of my affectations and physical attributes.  People do see the resemblance now that they are grown.

But I have been told many times that I look like someone else … with such frequency that I used to think I have a universal face.

My strangest look alike experience was when I was in Grade 9.  I was in the chorus of a high school musical.  My hair was short brown and I wore glasses.  Another girl, co-incidentally named Lisa, also had short brown hair and wore similar glasses.  We wore the same red flapper dress in the chorus.  My mother watched the other Lisa throughout the entire show.  Boy, did she feel bad!

I wonder what the other Lisa looks like now ….

What is your best doppelgänger story?


April 19th


NATIONAL GARLIC DAY – I cannot think of a single person who dislikes garlic. There must be someone but I cannot remember having met them.

Garlic must be one of the most popular flavourings and is the subject of much lore.  Vampire repeller, Roman soldier courage multiplier, and modern date killer are just a few of garlic’s claims to fame.

I love quotes and read a fantastic garlic related quote.  Will Rogers, the famous TV cowboy and stage actor said the garlic capital of the world, Gilroy California, is the “only place in America where you can marinate a steak just by hanging it out on a clothes line.”

What is your favourite garlic recipe? Garlic bread?  Garlic fries?  Garlic mashed potatoes?  I love escargot with garlic butter.  Yum!

If we all eat garlic today, will any of us stink?

April 18th



NATIONAL ANIMAL CRACKER DAY – Someone must really love animal crackers … enough to make a national day celebration for them!  I have not eaten animal crackers for many years simply because, to me, they are a children’s snack and we don’t have any little ones in our house anymore.

My research shows that animal crackers originally hailed from England and were exported to the US in the 1800s.  The popularity of Barnum’s circus in 1902 led to the cookies’ name “Barnum’s Animals” with “Crackers” as a subtitle.

Marketed in a tiny box with a string, these slightly sweet cookies were made for hanging on a Christmas tree.  These boxes designed to look like a wagon are still sold today.  Since 1903, at least 37 different animals have been represented in cookie form with the latest addition being the koala in 2002.

The important question is:  which animal do you eat first and do you eat their head first?


April 17th

#Bat Appreciation Day


NATIONAL BAT APPRECIATION DAY – I was originally going to celebrate National Cheeseball Day but cheeseballs can be bought at the local grocery store.  Bats, however, are more elusive … and interesting.

There are over 1,200 species of bats, one of which can grow to 4 lbs with a 5 ft wingspan.  I think I will appreciate that bat from very far away!

Bats can live up to 40 years, see in the dark and have extreme hearing.  Most bats are insectivores, eating thousands of insects each day and are the only mammal with the ability to maintain sustained flight.

In Austin Texas, an estimated 100,000 tourists visit the Congress Avenue Bridge every year between March and October to watch 1,500,000 Mexican Free-Tailed bats leave their roost every twilight to hunt for insects.  I have to admit that I would like to see that.

April is generally the month that most bats emerge from hibernation.  Appreciate the bat’s role in keeping the mosquito population somewhat in check.




April 16th



NATIONAL ORCHID DAY –      Orchidaceae is one of the largest families of flowers with somewhere between 21,000 and 26,000+ varieties.  That is incredible!

Orchid Day was created by a couple, Mike and Faith, after they lost their daughter at birth.  Her name was to be Orchid, after their deep love of these beautiful and often fragrant flowers.

Orchids used to be rare and expensive but with scientific advancements in germination they can even be found at Costco. If you are interested in seeing more than the grocery store varieties, there is an Orchid Sanctuary in San Cristóbal, Chiapas, Mexico.  There are also Orchid Shows throughout the continent.

I have an orchid that was originally belonged to my mother.  I knew nothing about this flower when I inherited it and several people told me that it would never bloom again.  Fortunately, they were wrong. It has never stopped blooming!  I don’t do anything special … just water it on occasion.

If you are visiting friends and family today, on Easter Sunday, why not bring them a beautiful orchid to celebrate National Orchid Day!

April 15th



NATIONAL RUBBER ERASER DAY – I truly appreciate a fine rubber eraser after I have used a terrible eraser.  There is nothing more frustrating than using the convenient eraser at the end of a pencil only to learn that it merely smears the  pencil markings.

My favourite erasers are the white Staedtler blocks with the blue and white wrapper.  When I was studying drafting in my first year of engineering, that eraser was my best friend.

Erasers have a long history.  The first eraser was documented in 1770, invented by Joseph Priestly.  The vegetable gum substance was literally called a rubber.  Refer to an eraser as a rubber in a modern day classroom and all you will hear are giggles.

In 1839, Charles Goodyear discovered a method to cure rubber called vulcanization. Rubber erasers took a foothold and have never looked back.

Happy Rubber Eraser Day!





April 14th



NATIONAL DOLPHIN DAY – I can’t believe I am writing about dolphins simply because I don’t like any of the other national days.  They are:  National Ex-Spouse Day (not even going there), National Pecan Day (only like them candied which defeats the whole purpose), National Pan American Day (what?), and National Rearch For As High As You Can Day (I feel like I just drank a whole bottle of syrup).

Back to Dolphins:

Dolpins are carnivores and the Killer Whale is a type of dolphin.  The females are called cows and the males are called bulls.

Echolocation is used by dolphins to learn their whearabouts.  Five species of dolpins live in rivers and the rest live in tropical oceans and seas.

Their brain is surprisingly similar to humans and their gestation period is 17 months.  Yikes!  I am suddenly glad I am a human!

Dolphin’s main threat are humans with pollution, fishing and hunting being the cause of death.

On a positive side, dolphins are playful, intelligent and expressive.  Swimming with the dolphins is considered to be a fabulous vacation experience.

There … I clearly appreciate the dolphin.  Happy Dolphin Day!




April 13th



NATIONAL SCRABBLE DAY – Although this celebration does recognize the popular board game, the word “scrabble’ actually means to “grope frantically”.  Therefore, technically, this day is encouraging you to get out there and grope someone or something frantically.  I just had a visual of that possibility and I think I would rather watch than participate!

The board game Scrabble began its life during the depression with the name Lexiko (which I assume is a derivative of the word lexicon).  The inventor, an artist and unemployed architect, Alfred Mosher Butts eventually renamed the game Criss-Cross Words.

Following a final name change to Scrabble, it entered into production in 1948 and has since become the basis for a TV show, is a member of the National Toy Hall of Fame and has become the centre of countless tournaments.

Celebrate this classic board game today!  What is the best word that you ever played in Scrabble?


April 12th



NATIONAL GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH DAY – As far as comfort food goes, a grilled cheese is the oversized padded comfy arm chair of sandwiches.  It is the best food after a night of carousing, the perfect companion for a bowl of tomato soup and the delicious sidekick to a garden salad.

A friend of mine recently taught me to raise the grilled cheese bar.  She suggested that I assemble the  sandwich as per usual methods; white bread, cheese strips and buttered outside surfaces.

But here is the best part: heat your pan and then drop shredded cheese in a square the size of your bread.  Once melted, place the sandwich on top of the cheese and fry.  Remove the sandwich when done to your satisfaction and repeat for the other side.   It is a cheese sandwich grilled in cheese!  Perfection!