April 30th

TODAY has a crazy amount of observances.  Its as though the April celebrants were all procrastinating so the national day governors had to cram as many things into the last day as possible.  I could not choose just one and am therefore listing them all.

Here goes:

National Oatmeal Cookie Day – Yum.  Cookies.  Yum.

National Raisin Day – Put them in the oatmeal cookies.  Double yum.

National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day – Been there, done that.  His name is Henry.

National Military Brats Day – The United States has around 1.4 million military personnel.  If they all have two or three kids … that’s a lot of brats.  No wonder it is a US observance.    I am Canadian.  I don’t know any military brats but I salute you wherever you are!

National PreparAthon Day – Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods be damned! I have some juice boxes ready and waiting.

National Bugs Bunny Day – This crazy wabbit has been chased around by Elmer Fudd since 1938.  Go Bugs Bunny!

National Honesty Day – Really?  We need a day for that?

National Sacroidosis Day – mostly affecting the lungs, this immune system disease is nasty. Be aware. Avoid like crazy.

National Pet Parents Day – If you own a pet, isn’t that everyday?

National Hairstylist Appreciation Day – I appreciate mine every seven weeks.

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