April 27th


NATIONAL TELL A STORY DAY – Everybody has a story.  Some people will tell you their story within minutes of meeting them.  Others will keep their story hidden.  And others will concoct a story that sounds better than the truth.

Today is a day to tell a story whether it be factual or fictional.  Stories can be entertaining, disturbing, comforting and even healing.  They can tell us a lot about the storyteller and their mindset. Stories can elevate us and they can bring us to our knees.

If you have ever seen the movie Big Fish, you will understand the power of stories.  My father’s funeral was rather like the final scene in Big Fish.  Not only did many of the people in Dad’s plentiful stories come to give their condolences, I was able to relay the stories that they shared with Dad.  Many old friends were amazed not only that he told his children about them but that I was able to remind them of days past.  It was incredible.  I would love to hear some of those stories again.



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