April 26th


NATIONAL PRETZEL DAY – Amazingly, there is a bit of controversy surrounding the origin of the pretzel.  Who knew?

Most sources do, however, agree that the origin is based in Christianity and that they were developed by monks.

One account suggests that an Italian monk in 610 AD created them as a reward for children learning their prayers.  It is even suggested that the shape of the pretzel resembles crossed arms.  Other accounts claim that the monk was French or that they were created by bakers held hostage in Germany.   There are no official records to confirm any of these stories but pretzels are documented as early as 1111 AD, in a crest for German bakers.

Pretzels have been called the “official food of Lent”, hung on Christmas trees as ornaments and used in Easter hunts as the prehistoric Easter egg.

The largest pretzel on record weighed 40 lbs and they are most popular in the US state of Pennsylvania.

How do you prefer your pretzel?  Plain, salted, hard, soft,  dipped in mustard, chocolate or cheese?


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