April 24th


NATIONAL PIGS IN A BLANKET DAY – I am confused. A mini wiener wrapped in baked dough is called a Pig In A Blanket. A longer wiener wrapped in a bun is called a Hot Dog. Why the difference in animal references? If the wiener is made from beef, would they be called Cows in a Sleeping Bag?

I think Pigs In A Blanket are delicious so I decided to check out Pinterest to see the different recipes for these popular appetizers. I did not expect the variations of piggies.

There are:

bacon (of course)
bacon and cheese
french toast
cinnamon roll
pretzel dough
carrot (vegetarian)
low carb
ones that even look like little pigs
You can use cocktail wienies or full sized franks. You can dip them, coat them with spices or line a plate and fill the center with chili-cheese.

I have a new-found respect for the versatile Pigs In A Blanket appetizer. How do you serve them?


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